The Legend Of The Secret Saga

The Complete Trilogy

In all The Real World, there is no fairy tale like this one! Over twenty years in the writing, the three books in The Legend of The Secret Saga series evolved to be a fascinating magical story unlike any other, as they poetically weave together a strange epic tale.

The Legend of The Secret Saga: The Complete Trilogy is in one large colorful volume. The Author, Estee Shoesmyth, is a tangible figment of her own unbridled paradoxical imagination and the fantasy fiction pseudonym of eclectic American artist, Suzanne T. Dietz.

Book One, When Begin Began, sets the story off with, “Once upon a time, an anonymous philosopher on The Ultimate Earth aptly intellectualized, ‘There are always three sides to every story: your side, the other side, and the truth.’ The story presented to you here may seem like nothing more than a collection of my own fantastical delusions. Surely, it could not be that which I, myself, have ever witnessed! In that case, it would certainly not make it to be truth. However, it is … by my best accounting … the strange but true enough telling of a deliberately long-lost story from somewhere far out on the other side of Who-Knows-Where.”  In a nutshell, the story starts out so hopeful and full of potential, then ends up a hopeless mess.

It’s just the kind of mess that makes it possible for chaos to be initiated in Book Two, The Murky Middle, when the story dims to very, very dark. This is when a terribly wicked magician used sorcery to enter into a spirit world. Once in, he adamantly decides to stay there. From that secret domain accomplishes deliberately evil damage that stretches out from that invisible place right into the unsuspecting folks who live day to day in The Real World. Those folks do not stand a chance to escape being affected by the magician’s insidious determination to capture them all.

Eventually, Adam and Eve are reincarnated into The Real World on a specific mission, years beyond the peak of that sorcerer’s vicious reign. By then, the worse had evidently devolved into the worst that ultimately leads through to The End Of The End. Which, is nothing as you might expect it to be.

This epic tale is utterly fascinating with plenty of twisting and turning through that which may be somewhat recognizable. Which makes it all the more tangled up into the fantastical. All of which is addictive to read onward to find out what happens next. All throughout the story there is mystery, magic, love, hate, obsessiveness, rejection, maliciousness, brilliance, stupidity, sickness, healing, forgiveness, revenge, romance, weirdness, wonderment, heavy heartedness, humor, life, death, and reincarnation. All along, there is that concept of eternity being a time lasting for Forever. Which, according to all reports, is a long, long time.

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