About Suzanne and Fayshoneshire


Suzanne writes, “What does Fayshoneshire mean? It means I named my own little world after it. Originally, it was found in a vision-like dream before I began fantasizing a little world of my own to need a name for. The word “FAYSHONESHIRE” was on a street sign on the corner by a small, plain house. There was nothing else around. I consider that “fay” is for fairy. So, it is a fairyland…in this case a fairy shire.. revealed as being shone via a dream. That was on April 1, 1997. “Fools rush in.” So, of course it was that being the fool that I am, that is exactly what I did.”

Suzanne Dietz is an eclectic American artist who lives quietly alone in a very small rural town in The Enchanted Mountains of Western New York. There, the winters are extremely cold for nearly six months of the year. Short days, long nights and an abundance of snow create a surreal Winter Wonderland that is ideal for the daydreaming. It makes for plenty of the quiet time needed for creating art, composing songs and writing stories.  Now, her new favorite thing to learn about and play around with is groovy cartooning software. More about that one of these days.

Peace, Love & Good Health To You And Yours.

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends & fads & popular opinion.” ~ JackKerouac