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Suzanne Dietz, an eclectic American artist who lives quietly alone in a very small rural town in The Enchanted Mountains of Western New York. There, the winters are extremely cold for nearly six months of the year. Short days, long nights and an abundance of snow create a surreal Winter Wonderland that is ideal for the daydreaming and quiet time needed for creating art, composing songs, writing stories, designing clothing imprints, and  now cartooning which is all Suzanne is doing these days.


But it all had to begin somewhere at some other time. That was way back in 2000 when Fayshoneshire originally  started out over  twenty  years  as an elaborate, intricate imaginary world I created as a project to teach Suzanne how to use my new Mac computer and all the amazing art and music apps she was interested in.

Sadly,  the  original  "Fayshoneshire  Out  Of  This  World"  eventually devolved into being a much smaller and simpler site when  what  began  as  an immense  Mac  dotcom  free  webspace was quite  suddenly  fee based to  be  entirely too expensive for the type of place she had lovingly created.

Removing it, after all the years of intense time and effort she had put into it, was absolutely heartbreaking. Especially since by 2003,  that fascinating website had been declared a number one top fan site that featured her all time heart-throb  Robert Smith of The Cure. Shortly after The Cure's epic Trilogy concert in Berlin she simply could not afford to maintain the webspace any more. At any rate, it was an interesting and beautiful website to explore all the while it had been online.

For the record: fast forwarding to 2020, Suzanne still LOVES The Cure (who she has seen in concert live thirteen times and owns every record and dvd). And, she still absolutely ADORES her muse Robert Smith with all her heart and soul. *sigh* 


Suzanne Dietz

"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends & fads & popular opinion." ~ JackKerouac