The Legend Of The Secret Saga Trilogy


There is no other story like this one in the world

The three books in The Legend of The Secret Saga series are unlike any other, as they weave together a strange tale, written and illustrated by Suzanne T. Dietz under her pseudonym: Estee Shoesmyth.


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When Begin Began


The Legend Of The Secret Saga is a long curiously poetic story that simply had to begin somewhere. So it is that the first book, When Begin Began, commences with the beginning of everything.

The way Suzanne (as storyteller/author, Estee Shoesmyth) chose to tell it—is by way of the Narrator of the stories who just so happens to be God Almighty’s personal Celestial Scribe, Angel Dabria.

Angel Daria's reports to God Almighty as he has commissioned her to do: keep particularly good notes of what is going on in The Real World. And, as Time passes—anywhere else there is something going on that needs to be recorded for posterity’s  sake. Just in case—someone dares to ever wonder about it.

So it is that God's imaginary rendition of life in an imaginary Universe is one where Suzanne imagined all began with “The Oomph. The Oomph is an immeasurable surge of overwhelming Power that spontaneously ignites the spark of creativity that illuminates the sparkles of infinite imagination.

As a result, there is a fabulous collection of spectacular creations, interpersonal relationships, profound discoveries, a high rising up, sublime perfection, the expectation of eternal love, unexpected dysfunction, stunning betrayals, unmitigated flaws, a long hard fall downward, a surprisingly seething hated, a spiraling unwinding of what was to be, and an insatiable deadly vengeance that persists throughout millenniums.

When Begin Began opens with a short message composed by Celestial Scribe, Angel Dabria, who solemnly writes:

“To Whom It May Concern, When this immense historical accounting commenced, I surely did not anticipate that the nature of this story would ever veer off the straight and narrow path. Instead, it proceeded to travel along the strangest winding ways imaginable. And so, I followed it most dutifully–with my pen in hand.

Once upon a time, an anonymous philosopher on The Ultimate Earth aptly intellectualized, “There are always three sides to every story: your side, the other side, and the truth.” 

The story presented to you here may seem like nothing more than a collection of my own fantastical delusions. Surely, it could not be that which I, myself, have ever witnessed! In that case, it would certainly not make it to be truth. However, it is…by my best accounting…the strange but true enough telling of a deliberately long-lost story from somewhere far out on the other side of Who-Knows-Where.”


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The Murky Middle

Book Two

Ah, yes. The middle of the trilogy is precisely where The Murky Middle oozes into the wayward winding twisting twirling tale that goes so near and yet so terribly far from what we…the reader…presumes might occur. Some of it may. Perhaps even so in The Real World we all know so well! But for sure, most of it will not be something that could even be guessed.

The Murky Middle opens with a short message composed by Celestial Scribe, Angel Dabria, who solemnly writes:

“There once was a time of plenty with the most brilliant light and its uplifting energies. That was back then-When Begin Began.

Now, I dread the emergence of even more dimming shadows. The middles of all are constantly being threatened to transform into a discordant muddled mess of increasing murkiness. The dread murkiness can too easily progress to become an opaque spiritual darkness that The God Who Is Almighty emphatically insists must be avoided at all costs.

I hope to provide some enlightenment. As I can neither change nor deflect any events, it is all that I can ever offer.”



The End Of The End

Book Three

The fantastical epic series, The Legend of The Secret Saga stunningly concludes with Book 3, The End Of The End. Celestial Scribe, Angel Dabria has penned her dire warning to The Folks of The Real World: 

"To Whom It May Concern: Guarding Angels had been assigned to protect The Real World Folks from the dangers of their own dark thoughts, vile words and dastardly deeds. The Folks do not heed directives. They each go their own way.

All Folks are hateful in one way or another. They have also embarrassingly proved to be blatantly covetous and overtly demanding. Nowadays has evolved to become the dire era when terrible wrong is believed to be perfectly right. Evil is conspicuously embraced. Darkness is the heart's only significant delight.

The gross consequence of that is The God Who Is Almighty gags from the nauseating stink emanating from The Real World's inhabitants. The God Who Is Almighty promises that all sins will be recognized and all secrets will be uncovered. The God Who Is Almighty promises that each flaunted boast will be embarrassingly deflated. I know that The God Who Is Almighty insists, 'The Real World Folks were warned.'"

Yes. But...