February Birth Flowers

February Birth Flower – Violet & Primrose


Violet | #926 in Floriography Today

| Heartsease | Violet | Pansy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Affection; Artistic ability; Faithfulness; Fidelity; Honesty; Loyalty; Modesty; Simplicity; Think of me; Thoughts; Thoughtful Recollection; Virtue;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Calms tempers; Divination; Induces sleep; Love; Psychic sensitivity;


Primrose | #708 in Floriography Today

| Primrose | Polyanthus |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Confidence; Contentment; Desperate; Early youth; Eternal love; Feminine energy; Frivolity; Happiness; I cannot be without you; I can’t live without you; Inconstancy; Modest worth; Obsessive love; Pleasure; Pride of riches; Satisfaction; Silent love; Thoughtlessness; Woman; Young Love; Youth;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Love; Protection;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Crimson: Confidence; Heart’s mystery; Pride of riches;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Lilac: Confidence;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Red: Merit; Unsupported merit; Unsolicited recognition;

• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > Rose: Neglected genius;


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