August Birth Flowers

August Birth Flower – Gladiolus & Poppy



Gladiolus | #397 in Floriography Today

| Corn Lilies | Glad | Sword Lily |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Flower of the gladiators; Generosity; Give me a break; I’m sincere; Infatuation;Integrity; Love at first sight; Moral integrity; Ready armed; Remembrance; Strength; Strong character; Strength Of Character; Vibrancy; You pierce my heart;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: Gladiolus grew wild in the Holy Land and along the coast of Africa so abundantly that they are thought to be the actual “Lilies of The Field” that Jesus spoke of in his Sermon On The Mount.



Poppy | #636 in Floriography Today

Papaver orientale
| Blind Buff | Blindeyes | Headaches | Head Waak | Oriental Poppy | Poppy | Scarlet Poppy | White Poppy |

• SYMBOLIC MEANINGS: Dreaminess; Eternal sleep; Fantastic extravagance; Imagination; Oblivion;

• POSSIBLE POWERS: Fertility; Fruitfulness; Invisibility; Love; Luck; Magic; Money; Sleep;

• FOLKLORE AND FACTS: At one time Papaver orientale seed pods were gilded and worn to attract wealth. • An interesting divination that could be used to answer a perplexing question is to write the question on a piece of paper using blue ink then folding it up and tucking it within a Papaver orientale seed pod.  Put the pod under your pillow before sleeping to facilitate a dream that will answer the question.


• SPECIFIC COLOR MEANING > White: Consolation; Dreams; Peace;

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