fayshoneshire-inadream-4-1-1997Fayshoneshire? What does that mean?


Welcome to Fayshoneshire. My name is Suzanne DietzBack on April 1, 1997 I had a dream where I was in a strange place with my Twin Soul. I couldn’t see what was going on, so I asked him, “What do you see? Are there any signs?” He explained that he saw a plain little house and a sign near the road upon which was written the name “Fayshoneshire”. That is how the idea for this entire project was born on a particularly eventful April Fools Day.

The Song Says, “Fools Rush In.”

I couldn’t get Fayshoneshire out of my head. It was there to stay. So was I. Few people seem to pronounce it correctly. It is pronounced Fāy-shōne-shīre. Fayshoneshire actually does mean something. “Fay” is a word that is often used to describe that which is of the fairies. A better way of explaining it might be, it’s a fairyland…a fairyland that belongs to me and my Twin Soul…a kind of fairyland that incorporates all varieties of interesting attributes that can be used for and is modified and embellished with further imagination…a fairyland that can be shown if we ever choose to reveal it. I know that I do that via my various art, music and poetry projects. I imagine he does too.

Fayshoneshire eventually emerges.

While learning how to use Photoshop, I applied my efforts to create an imaginary place that I honored by calling it “Fayshoneshire”. Fayshoneshire also revealed my ongoing obsession with the dreamy and quite photogenic musician, Robert Smith of The Cure. As a matter of fact, it was even more enjoyable learning to use Photoshop with his super cuteness looking back at me from the desktop. I learned quite a bit from the overall experience. The original Fayshoneshire I drew, animated and experimented with was more of “Robert Smith/The Cure” website by an adoring fan (which I still am) than anything else. I called it “Out Of This World”. It received a Open Directory distinction back in 2001 and ruled as the number one The Cure Fan Site until 2004. That was when the price of my mac.com free web space suddenly shot up…out of my world…to a ridiculously high price that I simply couldn’t afford. Completely disgusted with how free wasn’t actually free anymore, I took down the website and let it gather dust while I brooded about it.

Green: The Color Of Recycled Artwork 

I have since been raiding through the mountains of accumulated artwork. I have been utilizing as much as I can.  A lot of images are in two slideshows (Purple Magic & Some Images) I created for this website. Some have been used here and there for my various other projects. And I have sorted through it all to find suitable images that can be re-purposed  for primarily useful decorative items like t-shirts,  art buttons, messenger bags, mugs and such that I’ve been selling. I’m going to do more as time, temperament and my energy allows to my  very cool, ever growing shop over at http://www.zazzle.com/fayshoneshire Even so, due to several annoyingly insistent requests to do so, i scaled down my original online world significantly, but I hesitated about uploading it again. It really needs a lot of work. It’s terribly flawed to my discriminating eye. There is a lot I would like to do over if I ever have the time. 


Fayshoneshire will continue to evolve.

So, again I bid you, Welcome. Please look around. I do hope that you bookmark this site and come back again someday. By then Fayshoneshire.com will have grown a little more into whatever it is meant to be. Until then, it is what it is. And whatever that is, I can wholeheartedly declare that it is fun to do. It keeps my imagination percolating.

Peace & Love,